Benefits of Belly Dance

Health Benefits of Belly Dance

Taken from Sadie's website

"Build bones! Belly dance, and dance in general, is a weight bearing exercise, the kind of exercise critical in helping prevent Osteoporosis.

Build coordination and get smarter. Seriously! Dance works in the right and left hemispheres of the brain together, it builds neuropathways that can increase memory and learning ability.

Boost immunity! Exercise, including dance, is the primary way to move lymphatic fluid in our bodies, in turn promoting better health of the entire lymphatic system which is key to having a healthy immune system."

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Feel-good Benefits of Belly Dance

Taken from "Scientists take a look at the feel-good benefits of belly dance"

"Body image is the way in which someone perceives, feels and thinks about his or her body, especially factors regarding shape and weight. Previous studies in the US and the UK have shown that street and modern dancers hold a more positive body image of themselves than exotic dancers do. Tiggemann's team wanted to add to the scant literature available on belly dancing. The researchers therefore tested how participants of this potentially sexually alluring yet embodying dance form see themselves, and also sought to find out what they gain from it.

The authors recruited 112 belly dancers from two dancing schools in Adelaide, Australia, along with 101 college women who had never participated in this activity before. The participants completed questionnaires in which they rated their own bodies, how they think other view their bodies and about the attention they attract from men.

The researchers found that belly dancers see their own bodies in a better light than the college students do, and are less likely to be dissatisfied with how they look. They also have fewer self-objectifying thoughts, and therefore take what others might think about their bodies less to heart."

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Top Four Benefits of Belly Dancing


1. Belly dancing improves fitness and builds muscle.

2. Belly dancing reduces stress.

3. Belly dance aids weight control and improves self image.

4. Belly dancing is an internal massage.

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I fell in love with belly dancing when I was 16 years old. I was a Russian dancer with a group from my church and we were performing at an international party when I saw belly dancing for the first time. I couldn't stop watching the dancer and decided from that point on that I would focus all of my dance energy on belly dancing. The rest is history...