Arabic for Bellydancers

Hey fellow dancers! 

I was inspired to put my language skills to good use, so I began translating popular songs from Arabic to English.

As English-speaking bellydancers, we must inevitably use music with lyrics that we may or may not understand, and it is all of our dreams to know what the heck it is we're dancing to, so here it is: the mysterious Arabic unveiled! As an Arabic student, I always hated that I could only find the transliteration rather than Arabic written with Arabic letters, so I am going to try and tackle this problem for everyone's sake. I post the lyrics of songs in Arabic, with the transliteration into English letters, and then the English translation itself. (be on the look out for notes at the end to explain nuances within the language!)

Lyrics, no matter what the language, are not a science, and therefore can be unclear even to a native speaker (unless, of course, the artist themselves posts the lyrics): everyone mumbles, there are slang terms, and the pronunciation of words are sometimes changed to "better go with the flow of the song", so if anyone has any discrepancies or doesn't agree with my translation, feel free to message me or post a comment! I welcome all help and opinions.

Lastly, if anyone has any requests for songs, let me know!

Happy Dancing <3

***I don't mind if you use any of this for your personal use, so please feel free to share. If you would like to post it on your personal site (website, blog, etc), please just be kind and put a link back to this page for me - translating songs takes time and I would really appreciate it :)

  • Amr Diab

  • Fadl Shaker

  • Ehab Tawfik

  • Hassan Abou El Seoud

  • Khaled Agag

  • Latifa

    • Khalleouni خلوني (note: this song was mistakenly titled "Wadah" on the Bellydance Superstars: Babelesque CD)

  • Mohamed Mohie

  • Najwa Karam

  • Nancy Ajram

  • Nourhanne

  • Oum Kalthoum

  • Warda


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