Performance: "Ya Rayah" and Drum Solo

This is my performance during Sadie Marquardt's Swiss Bellydance Retreat 2015.

I was not expecting to perform that night, but Sadie told me that I should, so I agreed (I told her I would do anything she said, and I had to stay true to my word!).

I first heard "Ya Rayah" a few hours before the show and was very moved by the lyrics of the song. Little did I know that instead of only doing a very serious, heartfelt interpretation of this beautiful number, the musicians would surprise me in the middle of my dance with a drum solo! This is as improv as it gets!

It's been 2 years since my last performance, so I'm a little rusty, but this was a very exciting way of getting back into my bellydancing.

I'm looking forward to practicing and performing in the near future!

Oud: Philipp Bosshard (Switzerland)
Sombaty: David Hinojosa (USA)
Dahola: Martin Stenitzer (Switzerland)

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I fell in love with belly dancing when I was 16 years old. I was a Russian dancer with a group from my church and we were performing at an international party when I saw belly dancing for the first time. I couldn't stop watching the dancer and decided from that point on that I would focus all of my dance energy on belly dancing. The rest is history...


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